About Me!

Hello World!!

Just thought I'd add a little section all about me, myself and I.
My names Amy and I'm 21 years old (I'm the curly brunette in the pictures!) I come from a very small town which you've probably never heard of so it's just easier if I say down the road from liverpool. I adore animals especially lions, dogs, budgies and frogs :) The rhyme was not intended aha. I love visiting new places and meeting new people even if I am kind of socially awkward, once I feel comfortable around a person they get the full blast of my weirdness!

I started this blog to just talk about things in my life which I want to remember so I can come back and read through my posts and also to write about any thoughts that have been troubling me, little rants about things that annoy me and just general things I'm interested in. I'd also like to make a few online friends along the way but that's pretty much me in a nutshell I don't have that much to tell.

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