Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys

I thought I'd share some of the goodies I'm hoping I'll receive for my birthday or if not hopefully Father Christmas will bring them for me! I don't want much this year but there are a few things that have caught my eye which I'd like to have in my life aha.

I'm a big kid at heart so obviously now that colouring books are socially acceptable for adults I want them all preferably the christmassy themed ones and those containing animals. Colouring just patterns doesn't appeal to me as much. I've selected a few to show you below which I like the look of:

Leading on from the colouring books I am a big fan of Harry Potter so there are a couple of things to do with HP which I like the look of first off:

Hello?! HARRY POTTER COLOURING BOOK... yes please :)

and of course the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. It just looks soo pretty although I already own the none illustrated version I think this would be nice to have for my future children who I will hopefully turn into Potter fans :)

Another gift I'm hoping to receive is Justin Biebers new album... I know I know you're probably thinking how have you not bought it yet? Everyone I speak to recently is surprised by the biebs' new music and have all purchased the album but I've not bought it myself because I have a sneaky suspicion my mums either bought it for me for my birthday or christmas :)

I think thats pretty much it! not what a typical 21 year old soon to be 22 year old would ask for christmas aha but thats me.
What are you hoping father christmas will bring you?

P.S Victoria Secret show tonight who's excited?? I know I am I can't wait to see Selena perform I'm obsessed with her song cant keep my hands to myself. I'm hopefully going to post about it over the next few days but until then bye guys!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Trying To Deal With Hormonal Breakouts/Acne

Hey Guys!

I disappeared off the internet for 3 months almost 4 oops. But as I mentioned in my last post I haven't been myself I've been feeling insecure and just a bit down in the dumps I thought I was coming round as I also said in my last post but I've been feeling even worse hence the lack of blog posts. I feel that I'm starting to feel a bit more cheered up, I'm not back to old self completely yet but that will take time.

There are many reasons why I've been so down but one of the main reasons is my skin. My skin has always been a big insecurity of mine because I've had troublesome skin since the age of 13 *yay hormones* but it cleared up when I was around 15 just getting the occasional spot here and there but when I reached 18/19 my skin started reaping havoc again and it's just seemed to have gotten worse this past year or so.
 I'm almost 22 now and my skin just doesn't seem to be getting better and it's kind of taking over my life, I search the internet daily to see how people cleared up their acne in hope that I can finally clear up my own.

Below I'm going to add some pictures of how my skin has been the past couple of months it's mainly the right side of my face which is affected and the the rest of my skin just looks really congested (lots of blackheads).You might not think my skin is that bad or you might think it's horrendous but either way it's a big problem for me and I just want to fix it.


Right Side

Left Side

Right Side

Left Side


Right Side (The worst my skin has ever been)

Left Side

Right Side

Left Side

where I'm at today with my skin: 01/12/2015

Right Side

Left Side

I've been the doctors on many occasions and they have provided with numerous topical treatments and antibiotics but non of them seem to fully work, one of the topical creams helps a little with my breakouts but not completely. So I have gone on the hunt to see if I can help change my skin myself.

I've recently purchased the La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 step anti-blemish system (it was £15 in the boots black friday sale wooo yeahh!) I've heard a lot of positive things about this set of products so I'm excited to see if they make any improvements to my skin. I have also decided to start keeping a food diary to see if any particular foods and drinks cause my skin to flare up because I've heard a lot about dairy products causing acne and other foods such a soya. So this time next month I will take some pictures of my skin again let you know if I feel my skin has improved at all from using the  La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 step anti-blemish system and also I thought I would review my food diary and see if I've seen an links with my skin and diet. But until then I'm probably going to do a lot of christmasy related posts so I hope you check back :).

If you actually read through this whole thing I applaud you because it's a beastie boy aha. Also even though I have been the doctors on many occasions about my skin none of them have actually used the word acne so I'm not sure if my skin is classed as acne or just hormonal breakouts... any ideas? Thanks for reading any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)