Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys

I thought I'd share some of the goodies I'm hoping I'll receive for my birthday or if not hopefully Father Christmas will bring them for me! I don't want much this year but there are a few things that have caught my eye which I'd like to have in my life aha.

I'm a big kid at heart so obviously now that colouring books are socially acceptable for adults I want them all preferably the christmassy themed ones and those containing animals. Colouring just patterns doesn't appeal to me as much. I've selected a few to show you below which I like the look of:

Leading on from the colouring books I am a big fan of Harry Potter so there are a couple of things to do with HP which I like the look of first off:

Hello?! HARRY POTTER COLOURING BOOK... yes please :)

and of course the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. It just looks soo pretty although I already own the none illustrated version I think this would be nice to have for my future children who I will hopefully turn into Potter fans :)

Another gift I'm hoping to receive is Justin Biebers new album... I know I know you're probably thinking how have you not bought it yet? Everyone I speak to recently is surprised by the biebs' new music and have all purchased the album but I've not bought it myself because I have a sneaky suspicion my mums either bought it for me for my birthday or christmas :)

I think thats pretty much it! not what a typical 21 year old soon to be 22 year old would ask for christmas aha but thats me.
What are you hoping father christmas will bring you?

P.S Victoria Secret show tonight who's excited?? I know I am I can't wait to see Selena perform I'm obsessed with her song cant keep my hands to myself. I'm hopefully going to post about it over the next few days but until then bye guys!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Trying To Deal With Hormonal Breakouts/Acne

Hey Guys!

I disappeared off the internet for 3 months almost 4 oops. But as I mentioned in my last post I haven't been myself I've been feeling insecure and just a bit down in the dumps I thought I was coming round as I also said in my last post but I've been feeling even worse hence the lack of blog posts. I feel that I'm starting to feel a bit more cheered up, I'm not back to old self completely yet but that will take time.

There are many reasons why I've been so down but one of the main reasons is my skin. My skin has always been a big insecurity of mine because I've had troublesome skin since the age of 13 *yay hormones* but it cleared up when I was around 15 just getting the occasional spot here and there but when I reached 18/19 my skin started reaping havoc again and it's just seemed to have gotten worse this past year or so.
 I'm almost 22 now and my skin just doesn't seem to be getting better and it's kind of taking over my life, I search the internet daily to see how people cleared up their acne in hope that I can finally clear up my own.

Below I'm going to add some pictures of how my skin has been the past couple of months it's mainly the right side of my face which is affected and the the rest of my skin just looks really congested (lots of blackheads).You might not think my skin is that bad or you might think it's horrendous but either way it's a big problem for me and I just want to fix it.


Right Side

Left Side

Right Side

Left Side


Right Side (The worst my skin has ever been)

Left Side

Right Side

Left Side

where I'm at today with my skin: 01/12/2015

Right Side

Left Side

I've been the doctors on many occasions and they have provided with numerous topical treatments and antibiotics but non of them seem to fully work, one of the topical creams helps a little with my breakouts but not completely. So I have gone on the hunt to see if I can help change my skin myself.

I've recently purchased the La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 step anti-blemish system (it was £15 in the boots black friday sale wooo yeahh!) I've heard a lot of positive things about this set of products so I'm excited to see if they make any improvements to my skin. I have also decided to start keeping a food diary to see if any particular foods and drinks cause my skin to flare up because I've heard a lot about dairy products causing acne and other foods such a soya. So this time next month I will take some pictures of my skin again let you know if I feel my skin has improved at all from using the  La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 step anti-blemish system and also I thought I would review my food diary and see if I've seen an links with my skin and diet. But until then I'm probably going to do a lot of christmasy related posts so I hope you check back :).

If you actually read through this whole thing I applaud you because it's a beastie boy aha. Also even though I have been the doctors on many occasions about my skin none of them have actually used the word acne so I'm not sure if my skin is classed as acne or just hormonal breakouts... any ideas? Thanks for reading any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Taylor Swift - 24/06/2015

First off sorry my posts aren't very frequent I've not been feeling that great the past few months, not like as in I've been ill or anything but I've just not been... as Beyoncé and Nicki would say feeling myself aha. I've just been a little more insecure than usual lately I don't know why but I'm slowly coming round. Anyway I thought now would be a good time to talk about when I went to see my girl Tay, I mean it's almost been 2 months and I probably should of spoke about this sooner but if you know me I'm late with everything aha.

I went to the Manchester show with a group of my friends (there were 6 of us including myself). We decided we would stay over for the night in a hostel so we weren't rushing for trains and when we got there we started to get to work on our poster. My friends wanted to have the words Young and Reckless on the poster which I was happy with because they are some of my favourite lyrics from Blank Space. We decorated it all in fairy lights and this was the final result!

                          (We ran out of fairy lights hence why the CKL is a yellow colour haha)

Before the show we went to TGI's for something to eat and then we made our way to the show!! I got a few pictures but most of them were blurred because I was sat in the upper tier and my camera zoom isn't the best.

(This was my favourite moment of the whole night, Enchanted and Wildest Dreams mashup)

This is the top I made for the concert I made one when I went to Red tour so I think it's going to be a tradition from now on aha.

I think the 1989 Tour is my favourite concert I've been to of Taylor's apart from Fearless tour because that was the first time I'd ever seen Taylor live and it just brings back memories of when I was 15. If you haven't already you need to listen to the speech Taylor makes before she sings Clean it's perfect.  

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Haul: New Look and Top Shop


I went on a couple of shopping trips this past month and I know I should've shared these sooner but better late than never right? I got a few bits and bobs from New Look, Primark and one item from Topshop. This post is just going to be all the items I got from New Look as I did get quite a few things. I was mainly buying clothes for the holiday I've just been on and also when I go to Brighton for 5 days in August I might also be going London some time in July but those plans are not yet set in stone.

I thought I'd start with the top I bought from outfit, I wasn't really looking for clothes I was just having a nosey and I spotted this cami top and I just thought it was really pretty so I decided to try it on and then that led to me buying it. I think it's just the vibrant colours that caught my eye because I love a bit of orange aha.

                                                                        Price: £26.00

Next I thought I'd show you the items I picked up from New Look. I really wanted a pair of white jeans because I just think they would be perfect for summer and I came across these bad boys aha. They are skinny legged and really snug but thats the way I like them.
                                                                         Price: £19.99

I also picked up this floral crop top. You know how it is you get a bit of a tan on holiday and you want to show it off and a crop top is a perfect way of doing that. I'm really fussy with crop tops but I loved this with my high waisted shorts as I didnt show off too much skin

                                                  Was: £7.99                         Now: £6.00

I feel like I should've ironed this next item before taking the picture aha. I love these string vest tops because they are just really good value for money. I think I might buy a few more of these in different colours.

This top was on a 2 for £5.00 offer or £2.99 each


I didnt know whether I'd suit this next item with me being quite tall I thought I would look like an awkward giraffe or something in them but I decided to give them a go and I actually really like them ot only are they super flattering, they're really comfy it felt like I was just wearing PJ bottoms. Also they have bits of orange throughout so whats not to love!  

                                                                          Price: £17.99

I really wanted a pair of ripped jeans I don't know why, I just think they add a bit more to just a plain pair of jeans. I was thinking of just ripping an old pair of my own jeans but I attempted this and they looked awful aha I thought I was quite a crafty person but I guess not.

                                                                       Price: £24.99

Again I should've ironed this top before taking the picture. What caught my eye with this is that it's made from a fine knitted material but its really lightweight so its perfect for summer. Also the back of the top is adorable with a crochet style panel at the back which opens up towards the bottom of the top.

                                                                          Price: £14.99
                                            Sorry I don't think this top is still available online.

This next item is just a plain black cami top but I think the detailing is so pretty. I love the zip down the centre of the top and I like that it has a mesh paneling along the top of the cami and down the centre to where the zip ends.

                                                                   Price: £9.99

I picked up this striped oversized crop top because I thought it would look nice with the pair of ripped skinny jeans I picked up and some white converse.

                                                   Price: £6.99                          Now: £4.99

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June wrapped into one post

I've been absent for over a month now and I feel like a lot has happened this past month and I cannot wait to share it! First off I have a new job wooo yeah! I now work in the bakery section in a supermarket and I actually really enjoy it but I have a lot more training to complete yet but so far I am loving it.

Not long after starting my new job I was jetting off on holiday I went to Mallorca for a week with a few of my friends. Just incase you're wondering which part of Mallorca we went to... it was Magaluf I know right wild? aha but it actually was not that bad I've been on wilder nights out in liverpool! I have a few pictures which I want to share with you from that trip but that post will come in time.

Next after having a week or so coming back into reality and feeling like the new girl all over again in my job I had a date with a girl named Taylor Swift and that date was the 24th of June 2015 where I seen her in Manchester on her 1989 world tour and I'm not joking with you I think it maybe one of my favourite shows I've been to of hers it was on the same level as the Fearless tour. But it's hard to compare Fearless and 1989 because Taylor seems like a completely different person now she's all grown up and although I miss her long curly locks and her sparkly dresses and cowboy boots I feel like I've grown up with her and I love her new style :)

Ohh p.s I have made a Tumblr if your interested in following me :) I don't know why I never discovered it sooner because I am hooked. My Tumblr is: http://crazycurlyytots.tumblr.com/

                                                             So I'll speak to you soon ;)

Monday, 18 May 2015

The 25 Questions Tag

                                                       Be right back just nipping to hogwarts!

Hey Guys :)

Today I thought I would do The 25 questions tag so you can get to know me a little better!

1. What is your middle name? Elizabeth

2. What was your favourite subject at school? Hmm I think it would have to be science especially biology and physics... chemistry not so much.

3. What is your favourite drink? Water but If I'm feeling fancy I'll go for an orange juice ;)

4. What is your favourite song at the moment? OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) It just really gets me in the mood for summer.

5. What is your favourite food? I love chinese food but also mexican food, I'm all about the tacos ;)

6.  What is the last thing you bought? I had a shopping splurge in New Look so expect to see a haul post sometime soon!

7.  Favourite book of all time? Stand alone book I really enjoyed The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks  but my favourite book series would have to be Harry Potter.

8.  Favorite colour? Yellow 

9. Do you have any pets? Yep I have a dog named Mindy and six fish... four goldfish and two koi carp

10. Favourite perfume? I dont really have a favourite, but I love sweet smelling perfumes

11. Favourite Holiday? Ibiza... when I was 12 aha I went with my family but we were in the quieter part I suppose. 

12. Are you married? Noooo not yet... maybe when I'm 30!

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes and I'm going to say around 8 or 9 times.

14. Do you speak any other language? Unfortunately not

15. How many siblings do you have? Three... One brother and two sisters

16. What is your favourite shop? Probably New look,  I do go into other stores but I always end up back in New Look aha

17. Favourite restaurant? I don't think I have one but you cant beat a cheeky nandos

18. When was the last time you cried? Last weekend because I wasn't well so I felt sorry for myself 

19. Favourite Blog? sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.co.uk, I love her motivational mondays posts :)

20. Favourite Movie? Ahh theres too many! I love The Lion King, Harry Potter and a few others I cant think of right now. 

21. Favourite TV show? I love My Mad Fat Diary... last series soon :( But I also enjoy Teen Wolf and American Horror Story 

22. PC or Mac? I've never owned a Mac so I'd have to say PC :)

23. What phone do you have? No Idea It's the Sony Xperia something...

24. How tall are you? around 5 ft8 ish

25. Can you cook? Not really I can make stir frys and pasta bakes and a few other dishes but nothing too extravagant

Friday, 8 May 2015

A Day Out to Tropical World!


A few weeks ago I was in Leeds for a few days visiting my boyfriend (he goes to uni there). I have been to Leeds quite a few times so we tried to think of something different to do and we come across a place called Tropical World! I would describe it as a miniature zoo so it was a winner with me as I am a very big animal lover.

We got a bus from Leeds city centre which took us around 20 minutes and the bus stops right across the road from Tropical World. If I'm being honest I wasn't expecting much, because I just assumed it was going to be very small as it was so close to the city centre but I was pleasantly surprised!

They had Meerkats, Cotton Topped Tamarins, a Crocodile and a lot more! I took some pictures on my phone some didnt turn out too great but I've picked out the best.

         This guy don't want none unless you got buns hun ;) Yeah... I said it feel free to cringe!

                                                                     Poison dart frogs

                                                                         How cute!

  So that was it if you're ever in leeds and you're looking for something to do this is a lovely day out :)